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Attorneyslistings is operated by LAWCHEK®, which is owned by enlighten technologies incorporated™. Attorneyslistings provides a FREE listing service to all sole practitioners and law firms desiring a FREE Internet presence, which includes firm name, address, city, state, and zip code. In addition, Attorneyslistings provides the general public with a simple yet comprehensive research tool with which to locate a lawyer.

Know the Candidates! Know the Issues! Know Your Choices! The Election Countdown offers individuals a chance to review past elections and current projections for future elections.

enlighten technologies, inc.™ is a software and web research development company with a focus on server side web software applications for both the private industry and the public market. enlighten™ is driven to develop secure server side software, particularly for videoconferencing markets and web-based data storage. In addition to providing secure storage and Internet based video communications, enlighten™ owns the network software and infrastructure involved to offer server side software and videoconferencing at any level for individual consumers and businesses alike. enlighten™ provides web-based videoconferencing for entry level users who utilize laptop and desktop devices to connect to our servers. enlighten™ also offers advanced network setup and design for corporate users who require exclusive videoconferencing communications. With enlighten™ services, we provide a business class video network to enable video bridging and encrypted security services for large video networks to ensure confidentiality between videoconferencing parties. enlighten™ has been providing videoconferencing solutions and software development for over 15 years, and during that time, we have developed an expertise in research and development in web-based server side software for the setup and fluidity of videoconferencing communications.

In 1997, the vice president of enlighten technologies was hundreds of miles away from the business when he and the president began looking for ways to conduct meetings with his staff and other company executives via long distance. This search for a long distance conferencing led to the development of the project called the e-sdn. This stands for enlighten secure data network which is a video conferencing network to service the needs of all those who have video conferencing equipment and log distance challenges to stay in communication with there offices via video communication securely.

HOMECHECK™ Home to home inspectors, Appraisers, Architects and Contractors, is owned and operated by LAWCHEK®. The service HOMECHECK™ hopes to provide is a free basic listing to Home Check Specialists, including Home Inspectors, Contractors, Architects, Building Designers, Electricians, Plumbers, and Appraisers. We list Specialists by profession, state, city, and then alphabetically.

The service House List is working to provide a free listing to anyone selling a home, renting a property or in the Real Estate business. We list homes by state, city and then alphabetically. Places for Rent are listed by state, specific property (i.e. Apartments) and then alphabetically. Open houses are listed by state, city and then alphabetically. Realtors are listed by state and then alphabetically. Other information, such as real estate news, links and suggested books may be found throughout the site as well.

This site is provided by enlighten technologies, inc.™, an Iowa based corporation, and is intended as a resource rich research site aimed at giving back to the community and the state of Iowa in appreciation for all those who have helped us these past fifteen years to succeed in the law service industry. We feel that promoting the State of Iowa Caucus is an important part of the political process and is beneficial to both our community and the State of Iowa.


LAWCHEK® is a tutorial that was designed in late 1994 and early 1995 as a result of research development dating back to 1990. The product is presently used as a tutorial in public libraries, law firms and retail markets. LAWCHEK® contains twelve disciplines of law with a possible expansion to thirty. There are over twelve thousand five hundred state specific forms and approximately twenty-six thousand various state specific documents. The system also contains various glossaries, question and answer formats and forms. State Codes, State Cases, Federal Code and Federal Cases and other legal research links are provided. LAWCHEK® also contains LetterPro, which consists of one hundred and thirty-three pre-drafted letter templates in twelve different subject areas. The LAWCHEK® automatically links to Lawsonline™ providing access to an extensive array of legal directories.

The LAWCHEK® for Libraries website allows us to provide our customers with updated and new information instantaneously. We have been developing the LAWCHEK® for Libraries website for the past twenty (20) years and have found this to be the most productive way to deliver ever changing information to library patrons. LAWCHEK® has upgraded its' services to offer an Internet based product in place of the CD version for all existing library customers For all new library customers, LAWCHEK® will offer this newly established Internet Product as well.

LawyersListings is operated by LAWCHEK®, which is owned by enlighten technologies incorporated™. LawyersListings provides a FREE listing service to all sole practitioners and law firms desiring a FREE Internet presence, which includes firm name, address, city, state, and zip code. In addition, LawyersListings provides the general public with a simple yet comprehensive research tool with which to locate a lawyer.

LEGALCONFERENCE™ is the only online secure document storage system that gives you the opportunity to turn your file storage system into a videoconferencing meeting room. This unique feature allows you to use this service not only as a file storage system but a conference room as well. No software download is needed to make this event happen. It is as simple as pressing a button to turn a client file into a full featured videoconferencing room with Power Point presentation capabilities and live document reviews. Features include: document management, document editing and uploading, secure document transer, calander and scheduling, and an integrated client management system.

Medical Online is your link to the medical and health community. Search our directories for listings of hospitals, doctors, nurses, schools and residences for individuals with special needs and resources for the disabled. Medical Online also carries information about medical products, hospital supplies, mini-med schools, and research.

ONLINE INSURANCE™, previously owned by LAWCHEK, Ltd.™ in 1996 and then acquired by enlighten technologies incorporated™ in 2000, was redesigned by a team of University of Iowa graduate students to satisfy the need for a secure storage service not affiliated with any insurance provider that allows a user to upload personal property photos and documents and store them while anonymously selecting an insurance provider without having the pressure to sign with the first carrier you speak with and without having to move your documents from one insurance carrier to another.

YOURTRIVIA is a unique trivia site in that it not only functions as a challenging trivia game, but it also allows individuals to submit their own favorite trivia questions which become part of the game. The staff of YourTrivia strives to make our questions thought-provoking and interesting, while avoiding the "no-brainer" questions too often seen on TV game shows.

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