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The Body of the People:


Can a representative government succeed in balancing the local needs of communities against the needs of the nation?
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Can a representative government succeed in balancing the local needs of communities against the needs of the nation? While the Constitution was being ratified, James Madison argued in Federalist #10 that a larger national government would protect citizens from extreme shifts in policy by factions and, as a result, protect minority groups better than the smaller state governments. But this also required political minorities to submit to and respect the decisions of the majority. In theory most agreed this was fair but in practice there were still lingering tensions. For many it was difficult to suddenly accept that national interests superseded their...

The Body of the People:


How do you determine when a revolution is over? When the fighting is done there are several, often competing, points of view or goals that spurred the revolutionaries to action.
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What happens when the revolution has not achieved its goals for everyone and how can those who disagree express their dissent? The case study of the Massachusetts Regulation illustrates how popular dissent was influenced by the rhetoric of the revolution and interpreted by citizens who viewed themselves as "the body of the people." But some political leaders not only criticized popular dissent but used this unrest to promote a stronger federal government. By rebranding the Massachusetts Regulation as Shays’s Rebellion, these politicians moved to tame the discourse of the Revolution and control popular dissent.

The Body of the People:


Does the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights protect a "right to insurrection" wherein armed protestors or regulators can check the government without dissolving it outright?
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An extended examination of events that influenced political and popular opinion before and after the American Revolution provides a better understanding of how the Founders and "the people" viewed actions against government from regulation to revolution to rebellion. This first article uses case studies from North Carolina and the New Hampshire Grants to examine the patterns and actions of popular dissent that were used by the people to regulate government before the American Revolution.

Car Accident:

What do you do after an accident?

About 5.5 million car accidents are reported every year. Most of us will only be in a few accidents in our lifetime and most will be minor.
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However, when an accident happens it can still disrupt your calm and ruin your day. In addition to natural anxiety in response to an unexpected event, the process of working with the other driver, the police, and the insurance companies can create further apprehension. Much of the stress can be eased if you take a little time now to prepare your vehicle and yourself for the chance event of an auto accident.Most drivers will never experience a major accident and the minor car accidents they do experience will be few. Therefore, it is harder for drivers to prepare for an accident when they don't have the past experience to build strategies of what works best.

Domain Name:

Basics for your Business

Skeptics initially doubted the utility of the internet and, in the early years of growth, many businesses utilized a webpage like an online business card that listed little more than their contact information.
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Many were uncertain how to promote their brand online which included the dilemma of creating a domain name. New URLs that included acronyms or catch phrases as well as company names now competed across state lines and even international borders. Today, the benefit of maintaining a strong online presence is no longer in question. Indeed, the internet provides consumers 24/7 access to even the smallest of businesses. Legal professionals are no exception as they discover the new challenges of translating their brick and mortar business with an online presence.

Online Insurance:

Is online insurance right for you?

The Internet is a powerful tool for the savvy online consumer. You can review products, compare prices, research companies and purchase almost anything.
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Following this trend is the increased availability of insurance online. Insurance companies are providing coverage information, quotes and even contracts online. This includes automobile, homeowners, life, medical and even pet insurance. Insurance has traditionally been a high customer service field with direct in-person contact with your insurance agent. Because of the change in customer contact, the migration towards providing insurance online has not always been a smooth one. Instead, companies are finding some tools work and others only cause frustration or confusion.

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