Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer Smith
CompliancePoint Litigation Services
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Direct (802) 748-0356


Current Employment: 
Senior Manager, Regulatory and Technical Consulting, CompliancePoint Litigation Services. 

Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems from Weber State University, Ogden, Utah. Associates of Applied Science, Computer Information Systems from Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Registrations, Licenses, Certifications: •
• Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) 
• Customer Engagement Compliance Professional (CECP) by the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) 

Professional Experience: 
Over 21 years of contact center experience including in software development, data analysis, and federal and state consumer contact compliance. After years in the contact center industry, Jennifer became the Chief Technology Officer and served as a compliance officer at CallAssistant, an inbound and outbound contact center, serving clients in numerous industries. 

During her years in the contact center industry, Jennifer gained extensive experience with software development specific to contact centers including agent interfaces, dialers, and soundboard technologies. Jennifer was heavily involved in the development of one of the industry’s first sound board technologies. The soundboard technology system helped ensure agent script adherence as well as compliance with the numerous state and federal consumer contact disclosure requirements. Jennifer and her team designed and implemented a dialing system, which received an independent third-party opinion that the system greatly mitigated risks associated with using an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS). Additionally, Jennifer and her team developed and implemented systems which received and maintained PCI Level 1 Certification and HIPAA compliance. 

Throughout her career in the contact center industry, Jennifer designed databases and extensively utilized databases, including Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL. Using her database expertise, she regularly analyzed large data sets for compliance and other needs. 

While serving as a compliance officer at CallAssistant, Jennifer continually trained and collaborated with industry experts in consumer contact compliance regulations to stay current on the ever-changing federal and state requirements. As her knowledge of consumer contact compliance regulations grew, Jennifer determined that the best way to keep up with her compliance officer duties, such as ensuring CallAssistant was acquiring, processing and scrubbing against federal, state, wireless, internal, and client DNC lists properly, as well as call abandonment and recordkeeping requirements, would be to design compliance directly into the software systems. Therefore, using her software development experience, consumer contact compliance knowledge, and data analysis expertise, Jennifer and her team designed and implemented software systems with the goal of having CallAssistant adhere to client, federal, and state consumer contact compliance regulations. For example, using her knowledge of state telemarketer registration requirements, Jennifer and her team developed and implemented systems to help prevent agents from accessing campaigns for which they were not registered. Additionally, Jennifer and her team designed and implemented automatic  reports for internal auditing to help ensure compliance requirements were being met.

As part of her duties as a compliance officer, Jennifer worked with her colleagues at CallAssistant to develop and enforce policies and procedures regarding adherence to the numerous federal and state consumer contact compliance regulations. This work included internal audits and reviews of client campaign types and relevant state, federal, and client DNC list acquisition; DNC, wireless, internal, and client scrubbing data relevant to each campaign type; dialing records; agent training; client federal SAN registration; and telemarketer registration. Jennifer utilized third-party industry experts to help ensure compliance through training, gap analyses, and audits. The data that was generated by the various systems implemented for consumer contact compliance not only made audits possible, it also allowed Jennifer to analyze necessary data for use in investigations of complaints. 

Following her tenure at CallAssistant, Jennifer was the Director of Technical Support and Service Delivery at Broadband Dynamics, a telecommunications company, where she gained knowledge in technologies utilized by carrier networks, including SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and session border controller (SBC) technologies.

As a member of the CompliancePoint Litigation Services team, Jennifer has performed data analysis for numerous cases. Her analysis included working with datasets which contain millions of rows of calling data, cross checking numerous sources to find similarities and discrepancies in data, analyzing the wireless status of phone numbers, analyzing call dispositions, utilizing deposition and declaration material in conjunction with analyzing source data. Additionally, as a part of her analysis work, she has designed and managed manual verification processes which involved gathering and analyzing data from numerous data sources